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Fundraising is changing in 2016

Are you making the most of the opportunity?


Fundraising in 2016 is not getting any easier. Figures from the Public Fundraising Association (PFRA) suggest face-to-face fundraising is at its lowest levels since 2009/10. Two factors suggested as contributing to this are media scrutiny and market maturity. In simple terms, the general public are more resistent to being stopped in the street and handing over their bank details.

It is anticipated that online giving via the internet will continue to increase year-on-year, while face-to-face donating will continue to decline. The main driver is mobile. The average person in the UK spends four hours a day on their mobile phone, and most of this time is spent using apps, not phone calls or web browsing.

The Solution

The good news is that mobile phones now offer an unprecedented avenue for good causes to get their message across directly to individuals with minimal cost. Matching this with a facility for people to donate directly via their mobile phone is a new and highly effective way of fundraising.

And that's where WowGive comes in!

WowGive in a nutshell

The WowGive mobile app offers charities a simple way to communicate with potential donors with minimal cost or effort.

It also provides a way for donors to donate instantly to a good cause using their credit card, and to set up regular donations similar to direct debits.

And your supporters can create their own fundraising pages within the app for your charity events and projects.

In short, WowGive offers charities a simple solution enabling them to be fully involved in the increasing online giving trend, with very little outlay and zero downside.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app, and contact us today to get started.

This is the future of fundraising - and it's available right now in 2016 with WowGive.

Will this work for my charity?

If you welcome donations from the public, and you are a registered charity, then WowGive is for you.


Estimates suggest that resources spent on keeping existing donors are 10 X cheaper and 10 X more effective than recruiting new ones. The world and his donkey are using Facebook/Twitter and other social media avenues to interact with their followers, but in reality, the chance that your followers actually see your messages are less than 10%. Facebook streams now are crowded with ads, junk, jokes, polical messages, and of course updates from friends - which is what it was designed for.

People today are bombarded with texts, emails and commercial messages. So how do you cut out the noise and get through to people who genuinely care about good causes and could be your next supporter?

WowGive is entirely different to other forms of social network and media. People only download the app if they are interested in good causes. When you post an update in WowGive, a notification is sent directly to all your supporters' phones - so they definately see it. Your charity always lives on their home page in the app.

Your charity receives a unique WowCode which is your membership ID which you can promote. When people type your WowCode into the WowGive app, they automatically become a supporter and your charity goes on their home page. They then receive your updates directly!

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