How does this work?

Quite simply, WowGive is the easiest way to donate to any UK charity. Search any of the registered good causes and donate using your credit/debit card details with a tap of a button. Donate a one-off or every month. You don't need to fill in on-line forms, give out your payment details to strangers in the street, or over the phone. Every time you want to donate, just tap on WowGive!

Can I make a regular monthly donation by direct debit?

The WowGive system allows you to set regular monthly payments without the hassle of setting up a direct debit. Simply tap the donate button, choose an amount and then tick the 'monthly' option, and your donation will go out every month.

How easy is it to stop a monthly donation?

One of the main advantages of using WowGive is the flexibility of our system. You maintain full control of when donations are made, and can set them to be one-off or monthly, and can pause, stop, restart, or change the amount whenever you like from within the app. There is a 'regular payments' page in the app where you can see each monthly you set up. Simply hit the edit button to make immediate changes. No need to phone the charity or your bank.

How do I know the charity will receive the money?

All donations made are visible to everyone using the app, on the charity page (tap the 'donations' button), and on your own 'donations' page. Charities can also see every individual donation made to them each month. This transparency ensures that both donor and donee see exactly the same information. We will also soon be providing a method for you to contact the charity directly should you wish to confirm a donation was received.

If I make a donation, will the charity be able to contact me?

By default, no - but that is entirely up to you. Some donors are happy to be contacted, and some prefer to remain anonymous. Within the app you control your privacy settings. By default you remain private and your personal details are not disclosed to anyone. You are only identified by your chosen username, which could be your real name, or any other name of your choosing. But you can set your preference to allow specific charities to see your real name and/or contact details (coming soon).

What is the minimum I can donate?

We have set the minimum to just £1. This gives you a lot of flexibility. For example, you could set a regular monthly donation of £25, and split it equally between your five favourite charities. Each regular donation can be paused or changed at any time.

What percentage of the donation do you take?

Unlike most other fundraising platforms, WowGive does not take any of your donation, but passes 100% of it (minus the payment processing fees) directly to the charities you have chosen.

What are the payment processing fees?

All payment processing platforms charge a small fee on every transaction. The current rates we are paying are 1.4% + 20p per donation for European cards, and 2.9% + 20p for non-European cards.

Are my donations safe?

All donations are processed by PCI certified processors and then go directly to the charity of your choice. WowGive does not hold the money or deduct any part of it.

Is my credit card and personal information safe?

Your credit/debit card details are not stored in the WowGive app or on your phone, or even on WowGive servers. They are sent once to our credit card payment processors where they are stored securely according to PCI Security Standards, so you can be sure that your details are in safe hands. For more information, see the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) website at www.pcisecuritystandards.org. The only information we hold about you is your name, email and username. Passwords are encrypted in such a way that even we cannot see them.

For extra security, when you make a donation or change your email address within WowGive, the app asks you to confirm two digits from your password. You can also reset your password at any time via the WowGive app or the website. For extra security, you can log out of the app via the profile page, so that next time you want to use it, you would need to enter your email and password.

What is Gift Aid and can you claim it?

When UK tax payers donate to registered charities, the charity, or an agent such as ourselves is entitled to claim back the tax paid, meaning the charity can receive an extra 25% on top of your donation. WowGive is currently looking into providing this service.

Is there anything else?

WowGive is brand new - launching June 2016, and we have a whole load of features planned for it. So download it now and take it for a spin. To keep up-to-date with what we are doing, why not follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page as well.