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Fundraising is changing in 2016

Are you making the most of the opportunity?

Mobile Fundraising is better!

Websites are so yesterday! Fundraising with an app is the future - and it's here now! No need to go to a website, as WowGive is always on your phone - and your donor's phones. Receive notifications from supporters anwhen d donations are received.

Keep track of what donations have come in.

Post updates about your fundraising progressor the event you are participating in. Your followers want to know!

Supporters won't keep up-to-date with your progress via a website - but they will with the WowGive app.

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Charity Fundraising with WowGive

Fundraising just got a lot easier with the launch of the WowGive mobile app. Here's how you do it:

  1. Get the WowGive app (download here)
  2. Open the WowGive app and create an account
  3. Find the charity you want to fundraise for and tap the 'Fundraise' button
  4. A title for your fundraisier and description is automatically created for you - you can change it if you like - and set the target amount you want to raise and the event or target date (optional)
  5. Tap 'save' - and your fundraiser is ready to go
  6. To maximise your fundraising efforts - tap the share button on your new fundraiser page, and share your page via any of the main social networks
  7. Take a break - and watch the donations roll in - you'll get an email notifying you of every donation!

Note: Donations received from fundraiser pages are sent to the charity’s bank accoun on the completion of the fundraise. The charity is notified of the fundraisers' donations.

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Will this work for my fundraiser?

If you are fundraising for charity and have a smart phone, then WowGive is for you!

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