Posting updates in the WowGive app

Did you know you can very easy post a photo from your website, blog or Facebook page into the WowGive app in less than 30 seconds so it gets sent to your supporters?
It's easy! Simply find the photo and/or message you want to send from your website or wherever, using your phone's internet browser. Press on the photo until a menu appears, and tap 'save image', which will download it to the photo gallery on your phone. Then press on the text you want to copy, and move the start and end pointers to encapsulate the text, and tap the 'copy' button. Then switch back to WowGive and go to your messages page. Tap the camera button to find the image, and press in the text box to paste in the text you previously copied.
Tap send - and your message will be sent directly to the phones of all your supporters. Unlike most social media posts, all your WowGive supporters will definitely see your message.

Your unique WowCode

Your WowCode is your unique identification number. When users first download the WowGive app, they are prompted to enter a WowCode. This WowCode helps the user immediately find the charity they want to support. If you share your WowCode with supporters (and anyone), when they enter it into the app they will be registered as a supporter of yours and your posts will appear on their homepage, and they will receive a notification when you send a new post.

WowGive now gives you your own webpage which also shows your latest posts. You can share this page through any means, social media, email ,text etc. Your WowCode is also shown clearly at the top of this page.

Getting more supporters

In the WowGive app, there is a 'share' button directly under the main photograph. Tapping this brings up a menu of possbile sharing apps you may have on your phone, such as Facebook or Twitter. Tapping one of the options takes you into the app where you can type a message, or, in the case of Facebook & Instagram (for speed), paste a message we've already set up.

Either way, you can edit the message before you hit the final send.

Why not use this facility and encourage your supporters to do the same. WowGive is dedicated to making it quicker and easier to get your message out to everyone!

Advantages of using WowGive over other social media

WowGive is focussed on giving and good causes so everyone who puts it on their phone already has supporting charity and donating on their mind.

Posts you put in the app get sent directly to your supporters' phones. Posts in Facebook and Twitter rarely get seen by your supporters and they do not usually get sent directly to their phones